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The Wonderful Kickstarter Venture has Begun, So...

Grab your umbrella, walking boots, and a farthing or two for warm tea and crumpets. Also, check your socks. Change them if they have holes. Emma Mae will not let you past the door wearing muddy wellies and Mayor Lathrop will not tolerate exposed toes.

The storybook is not an ordinary book. Inside its pages are secrets. The hidden keys to a positive outlook on life.

A portion your pledge will benefit University of Iowa Children’s Hospital!

With the new UI Children’s Hospital affiliation and every single one of your pledges, we can offer patients a special adventure exploring their imagination strolling down Ivy's cobblestone byways into a magical world that encourages recovery.

The book aims to open the eyes of the reader to a new perspective on life and is highly recommended if you want to gift optimism to your child, family and friends.

These are captivating adventures depicting a community of whimsical folk living a traditional lifestyle that unite to defeat various life challenges. They are inhabitants of an imaginary hamlet of cottages, Ivy dwellers so-to-speak, from a special place in time called Ivy & Innocence.

I am so glad we are on this journey together.  Ready?  Let's GO!

WAIT... I almost forgot. As a token of my appreciation,

I wish to gift you a FREE Ivy Flipbook... Fill in the form, send, and check your email. 'The Essence of Ivy' Flipbook will be sent to the email address provided.

Then hurry back and join us. We are so excited to return to IVY!

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